University of Mississippi

Mail Boxes

Campus Post OfficeOn campus students must have a mailbox to receive mail and packages. Many off campus students, faculty and university departments also use the Campus Post Office to receive their mail. Your mail is placed in your private and secure mailbox each business day. You have the key to your box and can pickup mail 24/7 by using your student ID for access to the Campus Post Office. An email is sent to each box holder when they have mail. No more wasted trips to the post office.

Mailing and Shipping Services

You can ship and mail packages and letters anywhere in the world using Fedex, UPS, DHL and USPS at Campus Post Office. Need it packed.  We can do that too. We are the experts in packing, crating and shipping.

Additional Services

We also offer money orders, stamps, mailing envelopes, packing supplies and much more at the Campus Post Office.